Match of My Dreams

Where You Find Your
Perfect Match

The modern dating world requires us to navigate on different dating apps like a full time job.

Do you have the time?

“Match of My Dreams” is created to offer you a proactive approach to this modern dating world. We understand your challenges and struggles in dating, relationship, intimacy, etc. Our mission is to provide you the solution to the modern dating world so you can get a Fast Pass in your love life. We work exclusively with high caliber clients who have established careers and are too busy to find qualified dates to have a fulfilling love life. Does this sound familiar?

If this is you, please read on.

The Benefits of Matchmaking


Personal Touch

When you work with a matchmaker, we go through a strategy session to understand your needs and desires that you wish to find in your matches.

Quality Dates

You will be engaged in the entire process when qualified matches are presented to you. You will be involved in the decision making process on who you go on dates with.

Dating Feedback

When you go on quality dates, feedback will be provided to you. Life is about understanding ourselves by enjoying and learning from each connection that we create.  When you work with a professional matchmaker, you will surely be guided through the process to ensure you experience and enjoy the quality dates that we both agreed upon.

Extra Safety

The identities of the clients and the selected matches will be pre-screened to ensure safety and confidentiality.

Higher Success

When you work with a professional matchmaker, you increase your chances of success rate of getting into a committed relationship.  With our matchmaking networks, you will be meeting matches that you had no access to on regular dating sites. The selected matches that you meet will have the same intention of creating a long lasting long term relationship or marriage. 

Catfish No More!

Wouldn’t you love it when all your matches actually look like their profile pictures? Our screening process will ensure and verify their information to be accurate.  We will avoid the common problems when people meet on dating sites that people lie about heir age, identity and that there pictures are outdated. 

Save Time, Energy and Money

When we hand pick your selected matches for you, it means, you will save so much time, energy and money outside of your work and you will enjoy your dating life tremendously with ease, peace & flow.