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Do you know what the best time is to start shaping up for your soulmate? Right now! I meet single men all the time who feel frustrated that they’re single, but aren’t utilizing their time as a bachelor. Here are three sure-fire steps to shaping up and being the very best version of you there is. Because your soulmate is just around the corner and I want to make sure she notices you…


‘You are what you eat’, or so the saying goes. So what are you eating? Are you often eating greasy takeout, or do you prefer a gourmet meal? How you eat, when you eat, and where you eat from, are telling signs of how attractive you look and feel. If you nurture your body with goodness, cook from scratch whenever possible, and be mindful about food groups, you’ll start to shine from the inside out. You’ll feel better within and look healthier, happier and more attractive on the outside.

Vices – we’ve all got them; they’re the nagging temptation to grab the extra slice of pizza, smoke the final pack of cigarettes, and indulge in one more glass of wine. But don’t let your vices rule you. Alcohol might make you feel good (temporarily) but unfortunately, it won’t make you look good. Whilst looking for love, don’t be tempted to drink and smoke your woes away. Drink moderately, smoke sparingly (or better yet, give up smoking altogether), and you’ll feel and look infinitely more attractive.

Although you may be experiencing a lull in your love life, you can still find a reason to smile. Embark on new hobbies that spark happiness or excitement. Interests are… interesting – so find the things that add value to your life, and value to yourself as a future partner. Brush up on your knowledge of your favorite pastime – knowledge is power and power feels attractive.


Apparently the first thing a woman will notice on a man is the shoes on his feet. Fake news or not, there is definite truth in this sentiment. What you’re wearing says a lot about the person you are. Take pride in how you dress; make sure your clothes fit well and reflect your personal style. Dressing well doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars, but dressing idly may cost you hundreds of dates.

Fortunately for men, you’re not bogged down in the morning applying makeup or styling long hair. Therefore, when you leave the house in the morning, treat the day ahead as one where you might meet your soulmate, and make a little effort. Does your shirt need pressing? Could your beard use a trim? Take pride in how you look, because you never know if you’ll be meeting “the one”. Afterall, you only have one chance to make the first impression, so make it count.

Your house, condo or shared apartment is also an extension of you. Take pride in your home too. If you’re inviting someone into your space, what will they see? If you’re sharing images of your home, what images do they conjure up about you? If your front yard is tidy and your porch clean, when the time comes for a home visitor, you’ll look good too.


‘I really regret that workout’ – said no one, ever. Exercise releases endorphins, which don’t just make you feel good, they make you look good too. Moving your body as much as possible, as often as possible, might just unlock the door to your soulmate. Whether it’s pumping iron at the gym or shooting some hoops at the park, regular exercise will help you connect to your body and mind, release stress and improve your fitness. What’s not to love about that? And what’s more attractive than working up a sweat for your soulmate?

Tired from that jog after work? A good night’s sleep is in order because exhaustion isn’t pretty. If you skip hours of precious slumber, it’ll start to show in more places than the dark circles under your eyes. Sleep can have a profound effect on our mood, stress levels, sex drive and cognitive functions. Don’t be sloppy (in more ways than one) for your future soulmate. Prioritize at least 7 hours of sleep a night if you’re dreaming of meeting the perfect girl.

But before you drift off… make sure you’re having fun. Living is for living. Being mindful about yourself and achieving balance also means creating lifelong memories with the people you care about. Socialize, meet new people, talk to strangers, and embrace opportunities that come your way. One of the most attractive ways to live, is to live a life you truly love. If you’re single and reading this, start prepping for your tomorrow soulmate, today.

If you think you can benefit from some support and coaching in dating and relationships,  please book a call with me, I would love to hear from you.

~ Love you more ❤️


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