Match of My Dreams



1. THINK…. SMALL: Spoiler alert! Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to dating, my clients think grand gestures will nab the girl. But it’s often the small deeds that matter. Think about the best first date you’ve ever had. The best; not the most extravagant or expensive. Chances are, it was low-key and chilled-out. There’s a temptation to splash the cash, book an extreme activity or get front row seats to a sold-out show on Broadway. But I implore you men; be humble. Big gestures, especially early on, run the risk of feeling showy and rehearsed. Sharing a bottle of wine in an intimate wine bar, enjoying a hotdog at the game, or grabbing a coffee to-go and strolling around the park, can all be the ideal backdrops to your first date. Have the confidence in your own ability to sell yourself to your soulmate; everything else is just a prop or gimmick.

2. THINK THOUGHTFULLY: Men who are great listeners can be fantastic first-time daters. If she mentioned that she loves Italian food, make a reservation at the neighborhood restaurant known for the best Italian food.  Maybe she’s big on live music or recently became vegan? Take her to an outdoor concert or bring her a delicious Vegan snack.  These show that you are an attentive listener who paid attention to her interests and likes. As above, it’s the little things that go a long way. And you can be especially thoughtful about your first date, without going into overdrive and risk being too sentimental. Not only will you start the night right, but odds are if she’s surrounded by some of her favorite things, she’ll feel more relaxed and at ease. And don’t be tempted to tell her too much before you meet; being thoughtful also means maintaining a little intrigue and excitement. 

3. THINK AHEAD: Without being cocky or too presumptuous, plan your day or evening as if it will be a success. So if you’ve secured a slick cocktail bar as the meeting point, be sure to have a reservation at a nice restaurant for dinner later on. If you’ve got tickets to a movie, research a spot nearby for a glass of wine after. Think ahead but don’t be pushy; don’t offer up the second spot until you’ve both shown interest in extending the date. She shouldn’t feel obliged to continue the evening. Worse-case scenario? You just cancel the second booking. But if sparks fly, she’ll welcome your early optimism and ability to plan ahead.

~ Love you more ❤️


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