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How well do you understand women? We all know in a relationship, communication is important, right? No! Not a lot of men know this. You might think any dating before you “commit” should be light and fun, but how you communicate illustrates how you would communicate if you were in a committed relationship. Women evaluate you 50% on how you show up on a date, and then 50% on how you show up between dates. 

Your communication pattern weighs a lot more than you think. 

❤️Be consistent: after each date, you should communicate and show appreciation of the time you spent with each other. This is a standard, whether or not you would see her again. As a courtesy, after you part ways, you can send her a text or call her to thank her for the time she carved out to meet with you. 

If you want to see her again, the following communication should occur: 

❤️ Be respectful: in planning the next date, you should call and ask her in the beginning of the week if you want to schedule a date with her during the weekend. The golden rule is, communicate your wish to see her again at least two days before the date. High value women are busy. Please don’t ask her last minute on the day of. This shows that you don’t respect her time and it reflects your poor time management skills by doing things last minute. 

❤️ Be trustworthy: women evaluate you on whether your actions follow your words, if you are truly a man of your words. If you said you would plan something, follow through with it. If both of you agreed to go for a hike, then plan and research hiking places during the week and propose the places two days before you meet. Don’t decide on the day of. Communicate and decide so she won’t feel like you have no idea how to be proactive. Make initiatives and take charge as a man in planning dates. Women want to see if you can be a great leader, so be a great leader. 

❤️ Be reliable: if you agreed to accomplish certain things during your date, such as going for a hike and have brunch after, then follow through with your plans. Be sure not to cancel hiking, or scrap brunch plans last minute with no apparent reasons. What you said you would do, she expects those plans to happen. Otherwise, she will see you as someone flaky AND unreliable as you don’t always follow through with your words. What else can she trust you with in the future if activities agreed on are cancelled last minute? 

❤️ Be a conversationist: call instead of text. Don’t get into a habit of texting and not calling. The more dates you go on with a woman, the closer you get to know her. At this point, she is expecting you to call more, for a more personalized connection, rather than maintaining the connection via impersonal texts. Texting should only be used as a quick way to confirm time and location of dates, and used as courteous texts to let her know you are thinking of her. Other than that, phone calls are what women prefer. After all, we can’t text a relationship into something more committed or serious. 

Communicating effectively between dates will increase the chances of her going out with you again.

~ Love you more ❤️


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