Match of My Dreams


“911, what is your emergency?”

Last Saturday, I was driving to a nearby city.

When all of a sudden.

Something smelled really bad.

I rolled down the window.

What is going on?

I asked myself!

The guy, on the right side of me, pointed to my car in shock.

The white smoke made me not able to see visibly.


What am I gonna do?

Is my car going to explode?

What is going on?

I felt like I was driving a time bomb!

How many more seconds do I have left?

I asked myself!

I managed to park my car at an outdoor empty parking lot that had less cars.


What if my car exploded and hurt someone. Right?

I was lucky enough to park my car and came down to check.

Before I knew it.

I saw that it started a fire.

Where is this fire coming from?

No! No! No!

What am I gonna do?

Why is this happening to me?


Seeing my car lit up burning..

I had a mixed feeling.

What do I do, Kolline?



You are not quick enough to stop your car from burning!


I grabbed my purse in 10 seconds and ran to the other side of the street!

I was terrified as I was alone.

Where is my phone?

How do I dial 911?

I was in a complete shock and panic.

I felt useless!

“911, what is your emergency?”

“My car is on fire! Please come!”

My heart was bleeding seeing my car of 13 years on fire.

The metal was melting!

Why is this happening?!

I thought to myself.

I was supposed to drive the kids to Las Vegas tomorrow.

I promised them.

What am I going to do?

I raised my two kids with that car.

Teddy, my golden, loved that car.

Then, the fire department arrived!

“Ma’am, is this your car?”

They shouted across the street as I was the only person there at 7am in the morning!

“Unlock your car!”

Seriously, they were so brave!

Then, they stopped the fire!

A few hours later, I shared the news with my dear friend, @clwdoll.

I said, I was supposed to take kids to Vegas tomorrow.

I was still somewhat in shock.

She said, “I am glad you are okay. You will find a way.”

She continued, “There is always another car but there’s not gonna be another you!”

She is right!

Thank you my dear friend!


~ Love you more ❤️


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