Match of My Dreams


A good relationship requires both partners to have their own core happiness in order to be happier together!

Imagine a man is the cake part of a cupcake and the woman is the frosting on top. The cake itself needs to have the batter with the right mixture of ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, etc. Then the batter needs to be baked at the optimal temperature and condition to be moist and just perfect so it won’t crack on the surface. The frosting needs to have the right ratio of butter cream, powdered sugar, etc. to make it soft and fluffy to be able to pipe beautifully to complete the cupcake. If you don’t cool down the cupcake enough after baking, the frosting will melt on top.

The cupcake needs to have both the cake and the frosting to be complete. It won’t be a cupcake without one or the other. But both the cake and the frosting need to do its own job before they are put together, right?

A relationship is the same way. Both the man and the woman need to be the best version and embodiment of themselves with their own core happiness so they have something to offer to each other when they are together. A perfectly moist cake with a fluffy frosting can hold its form, just like a good relationship. The exuberant happiness which results when the couple is together is like the sprinkles on top of the cupcake.

As long as you are a well-formed cake, you can match with any flavored frosting. You can hold your own ground, as long as you have the right ingredients to form the cupcake. Thus, focus on being the best version of yourself so you can attract the right woman into your life.

~ Love you more ❤️


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