Match of My Dreams


Are we done yet?!

Are we done yet?!

Are we done yet?!

We should be done with the New Year Resolutions!

If you truly won’t make permanent changes in those areas.

Nothing would work..


You are making-

A permanent change.

Within yourself.

So your outer world..

Will eventually reflect the changes..

Within you..

That’s what coaching is

All about.

Is a “mindset” change..

How do I help..

My clients to find love?

Do you really want to know?

Do you truly believe in love?

Don’t waste my time..

And definitely..

Don’t waste your time..

In something you truly-

Don’t believe in..

Nor ready for..

If you choose to-

Continue to cheat on..



What you previously committed to..

Whether or not..

You are postponing-

Working on yourself.


Continuing justifying your romantic relationship,

Isn’t as bad..

As it seems..

Or comparing with other “worser” relationships in

Your friends group..

To feel-

Your relationship isn’t

As bad..

And to justify that..

It’s okay to leave things..

The way it is.

Because you are in fear..

Of any change in your life.


It’s great-

If you are truly in an intimate loving relationship.

That you have all the right tools and role models in your life..

To support you of your continuous success.


For the rest of us-

Who have gotten divorced..


Who have grieved over the loss of our loved ones..


Who have been in toxic relationships..


We may have been negatively impacted..

By cultural, societal, gender conditionings

Or past relationship traumas, etc.

Trust me..

Nothing would change-

Until we take a “proactive” approach-

To heal..

To do the inner work..

Of finding ourselves..

Of reinventing ourselves..

“Before” we can find new love.

I guarantee you..

That won’t happen UNTIL you do the work.

To reprogram your previously “flawed” & “virus prone” subconscious mind..

It is not your fault!

But it “becomes” your sad reality..

When you choose to do nothing.

To change your love life.



The true abundance in life..

Wait for it.

Let me rephrase..

The secret-

To true abundance in life..

Lies within LOVE.

You must master love..

To UNLOCK the true abundance in all aspects of your life.

As love conquers all.

DM me to get the results you deserve in your love life..

What are you waiting for?

~ Love you more ❤️


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