Match of My Dreams


“Are we having fun?”

The common issue of modern dating….. People tend to focus on the results. They try so hard not to waste time to the point they quickly jump into assumptions and conclusions in the initial phase where light and fun conversations should take place. What do I mean by that? People are afraid of the “possible heart break” that they tend to ask a lot of hypothetical questions/scenarios that they may encounter in the future and raise so many unnecessary “red flags” that they forget about the PRESENT moment to enjoy the dating experiences. In dating, people tend to spend a good amount of time in texting or talking over the phone instead of just meeting in person. Texting or talking with someone can’t replace the learning and fun experiences of meeting someone in person. Even during Covid, you still need to restrict the amount of time we spend in texting/talking before meeting in person for the first time (with safety measures) as texting/talking can’t be the only sources of communication in maintaining relationships or getting to know each other to assess if the person can ultimately cultivate the most intimate & romantic long term partnership with you. You need to experience their energy, laughter, body language, their interactions with others in person to know if you are truly compatible in person and not just compatible on paper. It certainly can’t be the only resource you use to eliminate someone or raise red flags either as you would be over-eliminating during the process. How much can you elaborate your perspective on various issues via texting? The convenience of the modern technology can’t replace the need of interpersonal interactions. The question is…. Are you having fun in dating and it should be in person? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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