Match of My Dreams


Are you looking for your Queen?

There is this whole new modern notion in the dating world that men are looking for their Queen while women are looking for their King. There is a new phenomenon that we want our soulmate to possess King/Queen traits/characteristics. To romanticize the vision of online dating, more men and women are modernizing their notion of soul mate by referring to them as Kings and Queens to incorporate a fairytale element to dating. As royal and romantic as it sounds, the question is what characteristics should your Queen embody that are attractive to you? Here are some common behavioral traits & mindset that modern Queens embody: A Queen takes inspired action to fulfill her life’s purpose A Queen has the emotional maturity to communicate her values and aspirations, and seeks your support in what she tries to achieve A Queen believes in an abundant mindset and knows how to fill her own cup to have her own core happiness so she can contribute to your royal romance to be happier together A Queen utilizes her femininity to achieve her life goals and is receptive to manifesting good things in life; she believes in harmony and peace, and knows that things should unfold organically with easy flowing, graceful energy A Queen possesses high levels of self love, positivity, happiness, confidence, and compassion, and is kind and reasonable toward others; she believes that gratitude goes a long way Most importantly, what you expect from your Queen, she will expect the same from you, but in a masculine form. The above description will help you identify a modern Queen, and you can add more description on what you wish your Queen to embody in a romantic loving relationship with you. What characteristics should your Queen embody? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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