Match of My Dreams


”Are you ready?”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?

Are you proactively dating?

Do you have someone in mind to spend the most romantic day of the year with together?

If not, at least pat yourself on the back that you’ve survived the holiday blues.

What would you do differently to ensure you will spend this year’s holiday season with your significant other?

Remember if you can’t visualize, you can’t manifest!

Ok, what does proactive dating look like?

Proactive/intentional dating is defined by the following 3 criteria:

What are your channels/sources of meeting women?

friends and family
online dating
meeting women
matchmaking services
joining “meet ups” for activities

Ask yourself this: Are you utilizing all channels of resources? Are there any additional channel(s) that you can think of?

How consistent are you in utilizing the above channels?

For example, if you signed up for an online dating profile, did you continue after the free trials end?

What’s the duration of your consistency?

It’s like joining the gym or any membership. Would you see any results within 3-7 days, after the free trial ends?

Gauge your level of consistency and beliefs around dating and relationships to determine how consistent you are.

What do I mean by being committed in dating?

Being committed in dating means you are constantly and proactively seeking out dating opportunities.

For example, if you are opposed to online dating, are you noticing women around you when you go out?

Are you helpful as a person?

Are you sociable?

You can meet women anywhere, in airports, post office, markets, coffee shops, restaurants, or even to pick up togo, etc.

The opportunity to meet women is everywhere, if you put in some effort. You can’t expect UPS to deliver your soul mate to you by sitting at home.

In addition, if you are active in online dating, other than the women the dating sites match you up with, you can always use the search engine to search, etc.

In the dating world where men need to make initiatives, how many messages do you send out per week after screening profiles?

How much time do you spend each day to screen profiles that you can commit to?

How many Zoom dates have you been on?

How many dating sites are you on? Do you try out new sites?

Evaluate the above criteria.

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~ Love you more ❤️


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