Match of My Dreams


Are you real?

Are you real?

Are you real?

Recently, the most asked question on dating apps..


“Are you real?!”


Because majority of the people on dating apps..

Are not real, they are scammers or..

Simply people who aren’t being..

Intentional in dating..

You must have a proven process..

That you stick to..

I called this..

The process of ELIMINATION..

Trust me when I say..

Life is too short..

To waste time in a pool of unintentional daters..

Because you might never..

You might never come out of the maze…

You must have the clarity of who you are..

The understanding of YOURSELF..

Of what qualities you are looking for in your mate..

That can create the passion that you seek..

The loyalty that you desire..

The emotional bond you deserve..

The future you both envision..

Who has time to waste in this lifetime…

Before we ask the question..

“Are you real?”

Be sure to check with ourselves..

How authentically we know of who we are looking for?!!!

Life is too short..

When we know who we are ourselves..

We will know the qualities that we seek..

In our future mate..

Without that clarity..

How would you know who to eliminate from??

Life is mostly about “letting go”….

So we can get to the finish line faster..

Be sure to reach out..

To get an evaluation of what you put on your dating profile…


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