Match of My Dreams


Be happy inside so more happiness can come to you from your outer world.

Happiness is an inside job. You can’t rely on your soulmate or other people to make you feel happy.

You must feel happiness within you first before you can experience more happiness reflected back to you.

When you wake up each day, you can CHOOSE to feel happy and blessed each day. Happiness is a choice; it is a commitment to yourself that you must feel you are worth it and you are deserving of all the abundance, love and happiness in this world.

If you wake up each day dreading to go to work or feeling down, you need to get in touch with your feelings and emotions. Once you find out “what” is preventing you from happiness, you can hit the reset button to be on your way to an authentic happy self each day! Jot down some events or write down the things or people that are happening in your life that’s preventing you from feeling happiness. Once you allow yourself to recognize the events that are happening in your life that don’t align with your true self-the missing link, then we can rectify that to restore the true happiness within you.

CHOOSING to be happy and blessed each day is the key to a splendid life! Life may not be perfect at all times but it is our mindset and commitment to our own happiness that make the difference. The more you can feel happiness within you DESPITE where you want to be (don’t focus on the lack of), the more positivity can come to you.

~ Love you more ❤️


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