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Being confident is the cornerstone in enjoying sexual intimacy!

Many men have expressed to me that they have “performance anxiety” in the bedroom. How do we combat that?

We are all human and when we are in the state of being potentially, partially, or fully naked in front of a woman, it is natural to become somewhat insecure, shy, or intimidated by the situation. But you, as a man, need to know that women expect you to lead & confidently complete the act (whatever that may be in your case, from kissing, making out, etc.) This is paramount in enticing her and allowing her to be turned on by you.

You won’t be able to enjoy any sexual intimacy if you keep focusing on the possible worse case scenarios along the way. For example, if you are leading a classroom being the teacher, how are you going to do your job correctly if you show up as if you have no idea what the curriculum is for the day?

You need to focus on being the man so you can lead, initiate, or simply, start slowly by trying fun and sensual touches to enjoy each other in the process. This means go slow, and focus on the present moment. Listen to her body cues and what she wishes to be engaged in, and enjoy the process so you can be in tune with her. This way, both of you can be aroused and tap into each other’s desires to share good sexual intimacy.

The key is to eliminate unnecessary dubious thinking that jeopardizes or sabotages your confidence, competence & how you “show up”. Hence, get out of your head and focus on what’s presented in front of you, and focus on what actions to take to be fully engaged in the moment. Having confidence is to be aware everyone has his/her own insecurities too, including women. Take on your role as a man, lead, be present, and show your confident sexy self so you can allow both of you to enjoy the process that leads to the result.

It is all in your mindset. Changing your mindset is the only way to achieve a triumphant outcome.

Are you tuned in to her bodily cues during sexual intimacy?

~ Love you more ❤️


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