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“I love you, but….”

I love you, but…… I love you. But.. I can’t love you. Because, If loving you means- I need to …

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“Are you ready?”

Are you ready? Are you ready? Come on, tell the truth! Are you ready for love? Seriously.. Honestly, please tell …

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Death…. Death…. Are you in fear of death? Aren’t we all? Not that long ago, my car caught on fire …

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Love….. Love is…… Acceptance Admiration Adoration Commitment Beautiful Communication Desirability Empathy Endless Energy Faithfulness Forgiveness Freedom Friendship Giving Grace Growth …

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“Time of death: 6:40pm.”

Drip. Drop. What is that sound? I can’t sleep. I can’t focus. What is that sound? I keep hearing. I …

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“Drip. Drop.”

Drip. Drop. What is that sound? I can’t sleep. I can’t focus. What is that sound? I keep hearing. I …

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“She’s drowning…”

She’s drowning… Have you ever experienced the pain of seeing someone you love hurt themselves? Do you know how painful …

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“The worst red flag..”

The worst red flag.. In dating.. Is that everyone goes on dates to look for red flags. You know why? …

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R.I.P. Yes, the hardest thing in life may just be.. Not getting the closure you think you deserve. Certainly, my …

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“Did you cheat on your wife?”

Did you cheat on your wife? That is right. I was on a consultation call a month ago. The client …

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“The secret to love…”

The secret to love… Do you know what the secret is?? Anyone? Do you want me to tell you? It …

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“Do me!”

Do me! Oh Yeah! Oops! I meant… Please don’t. I didn’t mean literally or intimately. I meant… Don’t make the …

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“You can have him!”

You can have him! Yes! That decision changed my life. I’ve reached the point of no return. Backtrack 3 years …

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“I cheated.”

I cheated. I cheated. Tom, one of my clients, in his mid 50s is having a hard time grieving the …

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“She betrayed me!”

She betrayed me! My friend, Nathan, contacted me. “What do I do?” He said. “What happened?” I asked. Nathan just …

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“911, what is your emergency?”

Last Saturday, I was driving to a nearby city. When all of a sudden. Something smelled really bad. I rolled …

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“Who am I?”

Who are you? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror this morning? Who are you? Let me tell you. …

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“You did what?”

“You did what?” If there is a rule in love…. The only rule in love.. Should be… Everyone has their …

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You….. Finally… Yes… I meant Finally… You finally have the treasure map to locate the treasure that everyone’s fighting about.. …

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“Say What?!”

My coach asked me to talk to a woman who is going through a horrific breakup. I don’t coach women. …

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“No! No! No!”

“No! No! No!” Hard to admit but…. My oldest daughter, 7 years old, at the time screamed- “No! No! No!” …

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“Hey,it’s me.”

Okay, Who is my celebrity crush? Gerard Butler. Hmm… He’s so maturely masculine and handsome. So I met a man …

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“Let me out!”

Let me out! Yes, you are running in a maze. How did you get there? A miserable life you live …

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“No more tears!”

Yes! No more tears! How did I survive a narcissistic relationship? It took one decision of CHOOSING myself first. I …

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