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Have we become a world where people are reduced to texting? With the advancement in modern technology, Can we truly text our feelings and emotions without real interactions and in-person dialogues? 

Even in coaching, I find that clients screenshot texts to me to ask for my interpretation of what the woman meant. How could I possibly interpret it fully without knowing the woman, the true context, or all the communication prior to that particular text? How can my clients themselves truly understand what was communicated without in-person conversations? 

Texting itself is misleading and can easily be misinterpreted since messages can get lost in translation or misunderstood. 

Are we too dependent on texting that it replaces the true human interaction, emotions and feelings that is required, especially during dating or in a romantic relationship where loving and sensual communication is necessary to bring closeness to our soulmate? 

Oftentimes people interpret texts differently, misreading tones in the texts which end up hurting each other’s feelings. Sometimes texting is a passive aggressive way to dehumanize interactions and avoid confrontations. 

Can we truly text the below contexts and get our true feelings and emotions across? 

♦️ Show condolences to the family who just lost their loved ones (would a sympathy card or a phone call serve the purpose better?)

♦️ Say “I love you” for the first time because we are afraid of rejection if the other person doesn’t reciprocate in person? 

♦️ Send a  emoji instead of kissing the one we love in person (can we truly find the right emojis most of the time that identify all these human feelings?) Even emojis get misinterpreted. 

♦️ Break up or end a relationship as we avoid to hurt the other person’s feelings face to face (is this an easier way out because we truly want to make sure we get our way out? Or are we depriving the other person’s right to fully share her feelings on the topic?)

♦️ Start an argument; fighting through texts can create more resentment, anger and frustration in relationships (can we truly get our message of hurt feelings across through short written texts without seeing the person’s face to feel her emotions or feelings or give her the benefit of the doubt?) 

♦️ Say “I am sorry!”- are you truly sorry or is it just easier to text it rather than to explain it in person what you are sorry for? 

What’s worse in this dating world is sometimes we don’t even receive a text; instead, we get ghosted or abandoned completely. Do we truly know why the woman is no longer interested? Or if there was an argument, isn’t it easier to communicate over the phone or in person than over text, to help resolve the already miscommunicated points of views?

  Texting diminishes feelings and emotions and can damage relationships.  Stop texting and start calling to schedule in-person meet ups to build the relationship instead of dehumanizing interactions, feelings and emotions. Stop the passive aggressive behavior and deal with the problem in person, like an emotionally mature adult. 

~ Love you more ❤️


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