Match of My Dreams


“Catch me if you can…”

Catch me if you can, I meant literally.

What do you think would happen when you chase a butterfly or a puppy?

Think about it.

The more you chase, the more it will elude you!

How does this concept apply in love?

Men oftentimes believe that they need to chase women.

The more they chase, the more women run away or elude from them.


Chasing sends out desperate and needy energy.

Chasing means you put her on a pedestal and you are lower than her.

You should be pursuing a relationship where you are both equal partners.

You don’t “chase” a woman, you “pursue” a woman.

How does that look like?

You should show up as feeling and being a confident, assertive, charismatic man who exudes positive energy while staying “unattached” to the outcome.

This is where you become a love magnet to attract women and gravitate them toward you naturally.

You pursue them by stating your intention.

Then see how she responds.

You are cool either way.

Stay unattached without expecting any specific outcome.

That is when you create your own gravity.

Be 100% certain of your attractiveness.


~ Love you more ❤️


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