Match of My Dreams



Look what you’ve done!

Look what you’ve done! Look what you’ve done! My handyman.. Of four years.. Was here to fix my garbage disposal- That was not working At my sink.. He hardly comes inside of my house.. Or perhaps he hasn’t Since Covid.. I left him downstairs in the kitchen.. I was upstairs working.. I trusted that he …

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She hurt me!

She hurt me! She hurt me! I have been there.. In his shoes.. My client, Mark, age 48 Recently.. In one of the exercises- We did.. Started to remember.. All the details.. Of the most traumatic event.. Of his life.. “She hurt me,” he cried. “How did she hurt you?” I asked.. Seeking to understand.. …

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I am devastated!

I am devastated! I am devastated! Backtrack 4 years ago.. I received an email. From the- “Runaway husband support group”- Since my ex.. Was a diagnosed narcissist.. In the midst of chaos.. Of the turmoil of my divorce.. I didn’t remember when I signed up… To support others.. Anyways.. “Someone.. please help me.” A lady …

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She killed my baby!

She killed my baby! She killed my baby! A new friend of mine.. Who never shared anything.. Vulnerable with me.. All of a sudden- Opened up to me last weekend.. I asked.. “It seems like you safeguard your heart.” He answered with.. “I do protect my heart because if I do fall in love, I …

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You are a gold digger!

You are a gold digger! You are a gold digger! Backtrack 6 months ago.. One of my girlfriends- All of a sudden called me.. And was crying over the phone.. “We broke up!” She announced.. I saw that coming.. I knew they weren’t compatible.. To begin with. When I became friends with her.. “What happened?” …

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This is no accident!

This is no accident! This is no accident! I had a dream.. Or had a nightmare.. Perhaps it was my own fear.. In that dream or that nightmare… I was running… I ran so fast into a dead end.. Or maybe that’s not a through street.. I heard a voice… Guiding me.. Telling me.. Asking …

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What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong? When I was still dating last year, there was a common theme.. Among the men.. I didn’t find attraction or compatibility with.. Somehow.. They didn’t want to let go.. Or they didn’t know how.. They were stuck on.. Blaming themselves.. Trying to fix things.. By …

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Come out!

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are.. You know me.. I am not just the “Love Queen!” I am not just a woman who coaches men.. I am fascinated by all aspects of love, relationships & intimacy! I have a tremendous curiosity & expertise on how to make romantic relationships work!! That’s my superpower! In …

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You don’t love me!

You don’t love me! You don’t love me! Not yet! Backtrack two years ago, when I started dating after my divorce.. I somewhat got into a relationship.. We were dating for two months.. Then.. One day.. We got into an argument. I sighed. In that instant moment.. I felt.. As if.. Or.. Perhaps it was …

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