Match of My Dreams



“Thump Thump…”

Thump Thump.. Thump Thump.. My friend, Jeff’s heart almost stopped. Actually- He wished it stopped as he can’t believe what just happened. He called me and said he needed to talk and it’s urgent. I met him at a coffee shop. I’ve never seen him this serious and stressed. “What’s going on?” I asked His …

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“Tick Tock…”

Tick Tock… Tick Tock… I felt suffocated… I couldn’t breathe…. What was that sound? Tick Tock.. Tick Tock.. Oh My! I had nowhere to hide. “Follow the plan, Kolline.” I heard a voice reminding me. Perhaps that’s my “higher” self. That’s right. “Ready, Kolline?” “Stop being distracted!” So, I followed my plan. I disappeared. From …

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“Kiss me…”

Kiss me… Kiss me… Hmm.. We all know who the actor, Richard Gere is, right? Oh well… How can anyone not know him? Or his movie, “Pretty Woman?’ But to date someone who similarly reminded me of him… In real life…. Was another fairytale coming to life Hmmm…. MY Richard Gere… Is a lawyer… Which …

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“Do affirmations work?”

Do affirmations Work? Do affirmations Work? What are affirmations? Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs, worrying and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start feeling better to make positive changes to manifest great things into your reality. Below are recent examples of …

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“I am leaving you.”

I am leaving you. I am leaving you. Yes. A month ago…. My friend, Charlie, was in shock when his wife said to him. “I am leaving you!” He was thinking, “Now?” He can’t say he didn’t see this coming. As soon as she communicated her intent to divorce.. She left the house with her …

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“I love you, but….”

I love you, but…… I love you. But.. I can’t love you. Because, If loving you means- I need to compromise on being who I am.. In this blossoming relationship- Where I am being judged.. For being- 100% authentic.. In communicating.. Honestly about- How I feel.. Or if.. It limits me.. To speak my truths. …

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“Are you ready?”

Are you ready? Are you ready? Come on, tell the truth! Are you ready for love? Seriously.. Honestly, please tell me! The man said, “Yes, I am!” Are you sure? I repeated- Are you sure? “Yes!” He said again. Okay, I am so excited to lead you the way. Come on, follow me! “Oh, one …

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Death…. Death…. Are you in fear of death? Aren’t we all? Not that long ago, my car caught on fire and has been in the repair shop for almost two months now. Yesterday, the shop called me and said it’s ready to be picked up. I asked, “Did you test it?” “Yes, Ma’am!” The thought …

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