Match of My Dreams


“Dating is brutally cruel…”

Dating is like a war zone. You don’t even know how you died or why you have been eliminated. You get rejected. You get ghosted. You get blocked. You think you are being nice. You think you are doing everything right. You think you say all the things they want to hear. You spend so much money dating here and there. You get no results. You go on so many first dates. “What’s wrong with me?” You might ask. Nothing’s wrong with you. Accept the rules. Accept every woman that you meet, you are “NOT” the only one she’s dating. Not until she accepts your request to be exclusive. Let’s assume you are competing against 3-5 men. That’s very normal. Are you aware of this? Welcome to the dating world of 2021! How do you navigate through all these? Let me ask you- What do you want from a romantic relationship? What do you value from your future partner? What are you looking for? Casual hookups? Dating to marry? Long Term Partnership? We have 7.8 billion people in this world. If you don’t have clarity, you will never find her. Not by chance. Not by luck. Are you dating aimlessly or intentionally? This applies in all aspects of our lives, not just dating. Who is with me? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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