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Do I Deserve Love?

One month ago I received a call, the client came from my YouTube channel.

He scheduled the call then he postponed for another two weeks.

I saw his hesitation reflecting in my email inbox.

Tom, a 55 year old man who lost his lifetime partner in 2020.

“I love your videos but I hesitated in reaching out to you. I lost my wife last year. We had a very good marriage.”

“I am sorry to hear that. How can I support you?”

“Do I deserve love? My friends said that’s betrayal to my late wife.”

“Of course you deserve love. If you didn’t believe it, you wouldn’t be on this call.”

“I am ready to look for my next partner. One more thing….”


“I have cancer but people with my diagnosis can live up to another 15 years. Do I still deserve love?”

I paused.

I took a deep breath.

I seek guidance from higher power.

“Yes! You do. No one knows when life will end, people die everyday.”

After being on Christian Mingle for one month, he had his first date and second date with a lovely lady.

She is fully aware of his medical diagnosis.

They’ve scheduled a third date.

We agreed “honesty” is the best policy.

Everyone deserves love.


~ Love you more ❤️


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