Match of My Dreams



At the end of 2020, I was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma which middle aged Asian women are prone to develop.

When my ophthalmologist informed me that I needed to do laser eye surgery on both my eyes, I thought to myself, “What? I don’t have time for this right now! I need to create content, film my videos, my life doesn’t allow me to slow down. This is NOT happening. And WHY is this happening to ME?”

Sure, I allowed my victim mindset kicked in that day with major denial, inner critic, negative self talk and the “I am always behind” limiting belief, etc. took the best of me!

I was supposed to work on my vision boards for 2021! I couldn’t see with my blurred eyes and I was unclear of my vision for 2021! I can’t believe I had blurred vision physically and metaphorically!

I was blessed to have met my current mentor, Kevin Bailey, at that time. During our first session, he calmly and firmly said to me. “Kolline, you need to elevate and master your self-love!”

I was speechless and in shock as he was right. I seek his mentorship for 2021 vision boards. I didn’t seek to enhance/master my self-love piece, but he was right.

With the Asian cultural background of the can-do attitude and being ambitious AF, I can tackle 10+ initiatives and run on empty while finishing all tasks BUT I always had the habit of putting myself last!

He was right.

I sat there quietly in the uncomfortableness of being guilty as charge of his diagnosis.

I listened. I trusted. I thought to myself, “How do I back out of this dead end street? How do I go above the glass ceiling? How do I steer my purpose to run a company of 7 figure business and spread love into the world globally?”

My inspired actions from the first session: I humbled down and I surrendered!

I decided among all business initiatives I wanted to achieve, I ought to put self love and care first above all for 2021!

Fast forward to today, I am crystal clear of what my vision is for 2021 and for the next 5 years, in all aspects of my life.

For all the coaches and friends out there, I highly recommend and acknowledge, Kevin Bailey, for his expansive expertise in identifying my blindspots, instilling a new layer of infinite mindset, utilizing various healing techniques to help me reach more depth in my own spiritual awakening.

This is what coaching is all about and the reasons why coaches like me still have mentors to help them elevate to the next level of infinite possibilities!

I want to celebrate and thank my mentor, Kevin Bailey!

The question is:
Are you crystal clear of what is in your vision?

~ Love you more ❤️


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