Match of My Dreams


Don’t come home!

Don’t come home!

Don’t come home!

I must admit..

I was a “tiger” mom..

Before my marriage..

Was turned upside down..

That’s because..

I was raised and taught..

By my Chinese culture..

That academic excellence..

Is the most important achievement..

In life..

If you are unable..

To achieve academically..

You will not be successful in life..

What a harsh statement..

I know, I know..


I quit my job..

After I had two daughters..

To guide them academically..

They were taught many things..

Academic was always the top priority..

Then they needed to learn..



Ice skating


I didn’t know there was an Asian academic grading scale out there..

As a joke about our cultural expectations.

Not until recently..

But it’s funny..

As there’s some truth to it..

Here you go..

A: Average
B: Below Average
C: Can’t eat dinner
D: Don’t come home
F: Find a new family

It’s so funny, isn’t it?

Of course we don’t follow this ridiculous grading scale.

But we do tend to think A is the norm.

We are supposed to get As.

Since my divorce, I changed my mindset.

I challenged all limiting beliefs and cultural conditionings.

Mindset is everything.

My girls were sent to Landmark Forum during summer..

They taught them..

Sky is the limit and they ought to stand up for themselves.

Know their worth..

Speak their truths..

I’ve instilled their mindset daily since..

And certainly they’ve read many mindset books..

Life is..

To find their passion & life’s purpose..

To be happy.

And that “anything is possible!”

In what they want to achieve..

And simply to be kind & respectful..

To be loving..


To give back to the world..

What does your culture or upbringing teach you?

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