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“Embracing your sexual self with the deepest level of passion with your soil

There are two elements on how to fully enjoy sexual intimacy.

1) Your Sexual Self:
We all have a sexual self. Our sexual self is the state (same as when we were in infant/toddler stage) where we are fun, playful, self fulfilling, joyful, curious, creative and at times a little egocentric.

We need to tap into our sexual self in order to fully enjoy the intimacy we share with our soulmate. How skillful we are in sexual acts and how open we are to trying new things can also intensify the pleasures we feel during sexual intimacy.

Think about how you can make your sexual intimacy fun, sensual, romantic, creative, loving, spontaneous, adventurous, etc.

2) Deep Passion:
In order to have the deepest level of passion, it is a combination of two things.
It is measured by the level of emotional connection (love, acceptance, understanding of yourself & towards your soulmate). This is the part where what happens “outside” of the bedroom affects what happens “inside” the bedroom.
How desirable you are as individuals & towards each other inside/outside the bedroom also plays a crucial part on how passionate you feel towards each other.

For you to fully experience the ultimate telepathic, sensual, romantic & sexually fulfilling lovemaking with your soulmate, you must fully embrace and fulfill both of your sexual selves and connect with each other with the deepest level of passion!


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