Match of My Dreams


The evil stepmother..

The evil stepmother..

The evil stepmother..

Does the evil stepmother only exist in fairytales?

Or have you met one in real life?

My new friend who I met 6 months ago, Frank, age 52, cried to me while he was going through his nasty divorce.

“I am so screwed!” he said.

“What do you mean?” I urged him to clarify.

“Don’t you own your house?” I tried to reconfirm.

“Yeah.. but, I forgot to tell you…” he hesitated as he was afraid to share his bad news.

“It’s all my fault!” he screamed.

“I married her for my kids,” he bursted into tears.

“What are you saying, Frank?!” I urged him to explain.

It turned out, he married her when his children were still at the ages of 10 & 8.

“I thought she would accept my kids as her own, I married her to find a mother for my kids!”

“Oh my, Frank!” ‍♀️

He remembered..

The second year into the marriage when things were good.

She asked Frank to help her own son by adding his name on the title of the house.

A house he purchased on his own before his second marriage.

He didn’t remember the reason provided.


He added both his second wife’s name and her son’s name after marriage.

The next thing he knew..

His second wife started to show signs of..

Not putting his kids best interests at heart.

She stopped cooking.

She stopped caring.

She started complaining.

Or at times she would yell at his children.

They started to drift apart.

Then lived in separate rooms of the house.

During Covid, she moved out & filed divorce.

His blood pressure went up..

When the judge told him over zoom-

That he would only get 1/3 of the house equity after its liquidated in divorce.

He said to me, “She planned this!”

He felt it’s all too late.

He felt he was so stupid.

He felt he got screwed over big time.

Now that his children are going to college..

He has no money for them..

He’s been the sole financial provider for the family.

She never worked a day in the marriage.

He ended up not having much money left at retirement.

Or help..

His kids’ college tuitions.

That his second wife & his step son will be granted 2/3 of the equity of the house.

“How much is that, Frank?” I asked.

I wanted to know the money he lost by choosing the wrong woman to marry.

“$400k!” he said.

Not to mention..

The alimony he’s also responsible for..

And that he’s also paying for her lawyer fees, a combined $50k.

Most importantly..

She shattered his heart.

He’s lost trust in human.

I didn’t know him when he got married.

Love coaching wasn’t available to him.

To guide him to attract the right woman to marry.

The truth is..

The costs you pay in coaching with me

Would be much less than what he paid in divorce.

He didn’t select the right woman to marry.


He didn’t have the chance to work on his marriage to ensure its success.

But you do, my loves~

DM me to join my program.

What are you waiting for?

~ Love you more ❤️


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