Match of My Dreams


“I THINK I am falling in love with you!”

Annabelle has been seeing Derek on and off for a few months.    Derek, 6 feet tall, has the perfect body shape. His light brown hair and bright blue eyes cast a boyish charm about him! He is a mix between Elvis Presley & Nicolas Cage, in a much more modern sexy way, of course! It’s easy to get lost in his mesmerizing gaze.    He’s indeed every woman’s dream man! He works in the hospital so he needs to be close to his work since even when he’s not working, he’s on call.    Annabelle, on the other hand, just started her own business so she has very little time to meet with Derek regularly.    She’s voluptuous, sexy, and the woman of many men’s dreams!    They are both in their late 30’s, smart, educated, and attractive.    As both of their schedules are always packed, it’s been hard to meet up, and even if it happens, it’s usually somewhat last minute.   They never discuss or define what their relationship is. They got into what felt like a steady relationship as they’ve shared some intimacy.   Derek would usually cook nice romantic dinners for Annabelle IF she meets him at his place. He prefers to stay around his neighborhood since he doesn’t like to drive far and she lives an hour away from him. They have probably only gone out in public 3 times in the 10 times they’ve met up (due to Covid).    But when they are together, sparks would fly in every direction, and they act like silly teenagers smitten with love. As Annabelle puts it, “I feel like he’s my high school sweetheart!”    They would cuddle on the sofa watching movies, sip their favorite wine, enjoy candlelit dinners, or take leisurely strolls to the nearby beach hand-in-hand.    One day, Derek took Annabelle to a nearby shopping center to enjoy a lazy weekend afternoon together. They had just sat down for ice cream when out of the blue, Derek blurted out,“Annabelle, I think I am falling in love with you! I want you to be my girlfriend!”    Annabelle was caught off guard, and she thought to herself, “what did he mean he THINKS he’s falling in love with me?!” In her mind she thinks he is indecisive. And his actions do not show her he’s a man in love since she feels she is the one making the effort to see him most of the time.    Annabelle felt anxious with the whole situation. She asked Derek, “What would it be like to be in a relationship with you? I can’t always drive 45 mins to one hour to meet up with you!”.    Although Derek has met her near her house a few times, he usually makes a stink about it so she is usually the one who makes the effort to meet at his place.    Instead of answering her, Derek became impatient, then pushy. “Aren’t you going to be proud to introduce me to your friends as your boyfriend?” he countered.    Annabelle’s intuition felt something was off! She didn’t answer Derek. She just couldn’t say yes to him.    Then she remembered, he once said he would never change jobs or move. And if they were to move in together, she would have to move to be where he is.    She felt that he’s very inflexible and set in his ways! Then she realized, he has limitations in integrating their lives together. He wouldn’t be open to even meeting her half way.    The relationship eventually fizzled out and gradually just ended. Derek tried to convince Annabelle to give it another shot, but he’s still insistent that he’ll never change jobs or move houses. Annabelle did love Derek but she felt it’s too little too late! She didn’t feel Derek can provide what she wanted in a relationship: open-mindedness, spontaneity, adaptability, maturity, etc.    Have you ever felt the feeling of “too little too late?” 


~ Love you more ❤️


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