Match of My Dreams


Focusing on spiritually centering yourself and helping those in need are remedies for a heartbreak.

Here are some tips to get over a heartbreak:
❤️ Generalize to one reason why you have broken up: Both of you are not suitable or compatible as a couple. We can’t force someone to be in a relationship with us and vice versa.

❤️ There is no right or wrong in relationships, only emotions and feelings. It takes courage to accept the reality and move on. No one needs to take the blame; both of you can be good persons but just no longer suitable together or share the same envisioned future.

❤️ Let out your emotions: if you want to cry it out, do it. It’s very important to release your sadness, anger, regret, etc over the breakup so you can fully heal during this process. Talk to trusted friends or family during this time so you can have company to feel supported and listened to in order to move on. Meditation can help you regulate your emotions, and listen to what your intuition tells you.

❤️ Forgive yourself and her: no one is perfect. Embrace your imperfections to forgive yourself, her and anyone else involved in this situation in order to find peace.

❤️ Help others in need: realize that no matter what we go through in life, there’s always someone out there who has experienced the same or worse traumatic events. Lend your helping hands to others to help take your mind off your own situation and it may be the best time to instill the giving aspect within yourself.

What do you do to mend your heartbreak?

~ Love you more ❤️


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