Match of My Dreams


For you to attract the right woman into your life, you need to first eliminate all the undateable women.

How fast you attract the right woman into your life is determined by how fast and how firm you are in walking away from the wrong ones.

You might not know what you want, but you sure should know what you DON’T want.

Below is a list of women that we define as “undateable” to you:

❤️ Women who have a history of toxic behaviors or was raised in a violent environment can be verbally abusive that they may physically or emotionally wound you in the long run. Their model of behavior in a relationship needs to be reprogrammed.

❤️ Women who are severely insecure and dependent: these type of women can eventually suffocate you in a relationship even when you continuously reassure them.

❤️ Women who have no purpose in life. These women are not financially self reliant nor have a sound career to focus on. Everyone needs to have his/her own core happiness before having something to offer in a relationship.

❤️ Women who are still involved in a relationship, whether or not she’s still married, thinking of leaving her current relationship, or separated and not yet legally divorced.

The above undateable women tend to be emotionally unavailable, as they are self occupied with their own challenges. Walk away at the early stage of dating. Make a conscious choice to date women who have a positive mindset and can potentially offer you a great loving companionship in the long run.

~ Love you more ❤️


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