Match of My Dreams


Gratitude is a powerful tool and is the foundation for manifesting your true love!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s show our gratitude to the people we love and appreciate. First, I want to share the benefits of gratitude. People who are grateful in their daily lives can benefit from the following (recent studies shown from Forbes): Grateful people- ♦️ Make new friends and build better relationships with the people around them ♦️ Have better health as they sleep better and sleep longer with healthier lifestyles ♦️ Have a higher level of psychological and mental health ♦️ Have a higher level of wellbeing and overall happiness in life ♦️Reduce their risks of depression and aggression ♦️ Have more empathy and possess more sociable behaviors with an increased level of self-esteem ♦️ Increase their chances of recovering from trauma as they are generally more resilient By being grateful, you show appreciation and gratitude toward the people who show care toward you, and you show gratitude to the people you love. When you are surrounded by grateful, positive people who show gratitude often, you surround yourself with happy people. When you are happy from the inside, you would illuminate happy energy outward and create an outer reality that you love which will generate a magnetic field around you that will draw your soul mate to gravitate towards you. When was the last time you are grateful for someone or something? How did that make you FEEL? ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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