Match of My Dreams


“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

On the 3rd anniversary of my first mentor Chuck Price’s passing, I want to share his words of wisdom with you.

Chuck and I met 5 years ago when I was still working in HR. Both of us worked on various streamlining projects to improve HR Benefits’ efficiency and workflows with various vendors to transition from paper to online enrollment.

We worked closely almost daily 6-8 hours a day for two years.

I saw him as a father figure.

He was super intelligent at work as an IT consultant. But he was also a very loving husband and dad at home.

Life is short. He passed away due to sudden stroke after I left the company. We met up for lunch a few times before his passing.

He possessed high work ethics, creativity, respectful demeanor, and great professional communication skills!

His words of wisdom to me:

1) Accept What It Is
2) Make The Best Decision
3) Find Your Passion
4) Enjoy Life

Most importantly, he always said, Happy Wife = Happy Life. Any issues that happened at home when his wife called, he would always take care of her first.

They had the best marriage that I envied for.

As I believe we should all be the HIGHEST version of our individual self, we can use his mantra reversely as well.

Happy Life Happy Wife


~ Love you more ❤️


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