Match of My Dreams


He shattered my soul!

He shattered my soul!

He shattered my soul!

I’ve had enough!

It’s getting so ridiculous.


A few men I dated.

I said goodbye..

To them.

Due to incompatibility


Irreconcilable differences

Whatever the reasons.


The funny thing was..

After I gave them my reasons..

They didn’t expect me..

To be human!

As if..

As a love coach,

I’ve lost the right..

To grief

To disappoint

To heal

As they believe-

I should switch to..

My coaching hat

In a second.

As they demanded..

To let them know-

The things they could improve on..

Moving forward.

From my professional point of view..

As a love, relationship & intimacy expert.


How cruel was that?

That I’ve lost the right to be respected as a HUMAN.

Let me state again…

I don’t “date” the men I “coach”


I don’t “coach” the men I “date”

That’s a PERIOD.

Am I not human???

Do I have the right to heal?

Am I not allowed time to reflect?

In the midst of all these…

I couldn’t handle the ridiculousness of the demands…

So I replied with.

“Please respect that I am in the healing process. I won’t have the clarity at this time to answer your questions!”

Yes, I had to set a strong boundary to instruct them to back off..

At that moment..

I shifted more self love to me.

At that moment..

I felt empowered.

At that moment..

I allowed myself to be human.

At that moment..

I know how to take care of myself.

At that moment..

I showed them how to respect me FOR me.


~ Love you more ❤️


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