Match of My Dreams


“Heal your broken heart by letting go: feel the emotions, love yourself, then recreate your life!”

It doesn’t matter what caused the breakup of a relationship or who initiated it.

The first step of the healing process is to honor and empower yourself by letting it go. The second step is to vulnerably express the negative emotions: pain, anger, hurt, guilt, etc. When you allow yourself a chance to fully embrace the chance of self growth by walking away from it, new opportunities of recreating yourself arise.

You can keep yourself busy by investing in your health: go on a run, hike a trail, listen to music, watch a movie, do yoga, meditate, etc.

A breakup can be a devastating event. It may also be a blessing in disguise. Choose to look at life through positive lens. Self love is always the key to better love in the future.


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~ Love you more


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