Match of My Dreams


Healthy sexual chemistry is important in the early stage of dating to be able to grow love.

How do we know when we lust over someone vs when we develop a healthy sexual chemistry towards someone?

The below 5 key points differentiate between the two:

Love is when you genuinely feel you have shared experiences and values, and that you adore each other which ignites the healthier sexual chemistry of desire.

Lust is a purely physical desire toward the woman and it can be short-lived when you have fulfilled the sexual desires. There would be no emotions involved.

The loving connection gives you a “butterflies in the stomach” type of feeling in anticipation for meeting with your soul mate each time you go on dates.

You feel love beyond physically wanting and desiring her. And that feeling of love often grows slowly when you are apart, and you care about her daily life and well being.

Love is emotions and feelings while lust is purely physical. We need both to develop the most romantic passionate intimate bond.

The most healthy sexual chemistry develops during the early stage of dating. As physical desire stabilizes, love grows stronger and deeper to build the most intimate romantic sexual bond to combine the feeling of love and desire toward each other.

~ Love you more ❤️

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