Match of My Dreams


He’s dying…

He’s dying…

He’s dying…

One of my clients, Tom, age 56, was in remission when he came to me a few months ago to seek my help to find love.

We worked on his self love, his ego, his abandonment issues, healed him from past relationship traumas, etc.

He found love in 3 months and has been in a relationship since two months ago.

I received a call from him the other day..

As he informed me he is now back on chemotherapy for multiple myeloma.

I broke down in tears..

As he said the pain he felt when the injection of chemo occupied in his veins through a port in his chest.

“I felt so cold, Kolline,” he said.

I cried..

He continued.

“I wanted to thank you because without you, I would not have found my love.”

I cried..

Pleaded to God that night..

To give him more time to enjoy life.

As I just launched my 3 months mini program that starts in Jan 2022…

With the goals of helping you to achieve..

What you wish for in the following menu of items:

*Gain clarity of your goals in your love life

*Break your relationship pattern(s)

*Mend your broken heart

*Heal from past wound(s)

*Date the woman of your dreams

*Find new love

*Up your intimacy skills in the bedroom

*Get your ex back

*Be in a committed relationship

*Leave a toxic relationship

*Transform your romantic relationship/marriage

I wanted to tell his story to inspire and empower you-


Anything is possible in life..

Love is possible..

The relationship you seek is possible.

And that..

Love conquers all..

If Tom can find love with my support, so can YOU!


We can’t control death..


We can CHOOSE to live a life with love..

To experience the love we deserve..

To love like there is no tomorrow..

And to feel loved with every fiber of our being..

DM me to join my program.

Take my hand, my loves

What are you waiting for?

~ Love you more ❤️


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