Match of My Dreams


High value women ARE hard to get.

Let’s outline the definition of a high value woman. High value women….

❤️ Live a purposeful life: they are high achievers in their own careers and passions and they have built a life they love and enjoy blissfully.

❤️ Are confident and comfortable in their own skin: they constantly challenge themselves to achieve the next level of goals and aspirations which make them highly knowledgeable in what they know, who they want, and what they wish to achieve in all aspects of their lives. This makes them highly attractive & desirable to all men.

❤️ Have strong beliefs and faith in everything they do. Because high value women achieve better things in life, they have strong convictions in their beliefs & conscious levels in order to manifest and attract better things in life. They are strongly committed, determined and work consistently hard towards their goals.

❤️ Are longing for a deeper loving intimate connection when it comes to their soul mate. They want you to be spontaneous with date nights, to cultivate an intimate passionate relationship that can bring out more of her feminine side. She wants you to lead so she can follow, as she is busy and uses her masculine side to achieve her goals and passions daily.

High value women don’t play hard to get. They ARE hard to get. They expect a lot from themselves so they expect the same from you, and will assess what you can bring into the relationship. You need to be compatible with her values and aspirations in order to attract her into your life, and make her feel comfortable that she can be her feminine self.

Are you a high value man who can attract a high value woman?

~ Love you more ❤️


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