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Home was where the hurt was.

Home was where the hurt was.

Below is a testimonial from one of my clients, Taylor, 48 years old.


To say that I am fortunate to have had the pleasure of being coached by the “Love Queen” is an understatement. Kolline has shown that she is more than a mere queen, she is an Empress who expresses love far and wide- to those of us who had almost given up on love, given up on finding love and being loved and know love. This was a journey. And at the time, home was where the hurt was.

Home for me was turmoil. The beginnings of a divorce after more than a decade with a person (who i was shown) was a bully. My soon to be ex wife had for a long time treated me in way that I was being walked on but made to seem as I was the one doing the walking.

Somehow I had prepared myself. But this was not as crushing as it had been in the past. That’s because of the “Love Queen”.

Kolline came into my life when I needed her the most but was not aware of how much I needed her and why. From the first session I felt better, better in the way that I could still have love. As the sessions progressed, it became evident that the love that I was looking for or needed was not from someone else but from me.

There was a major roadblock in my journey and it was me. Kolline showed me that yes, I hurt people but it was a reaction to being hurt. That I should have love, that I could have love, and that love has not left me. The way she spoke had me not just seeing the love in the universe but feeling the love in me. She taught me that my feelings were valid. She showed me where love is, it’s from within.

The turmoil is coming to an end and is manageable due in part to the lessons that Kolline imparted. Her guidance was priceless. The Love Queen herself is a treasure.

The tag line Kolline uses “Love you more” is so multifaceted. Kolline does indeed love you but it is also introspective. Love YOU more.


Do you love YOU more?

~ Love you more ❤️


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