Match of My Dreams


How do you know?

How do you know?

How do you know?

How do you know?

My clients often ask me..

During coaching calls..


How do I know?

What to advise them with..

Why am I so accurate..

In my assessments of their diagnoses?!!

I simply…

I simply…


Divinely guided..

Sometimes I sense a feeling..

Then I prompt questions..

Blunt & powerful questions..

Like right now…

Words just flow onto the paper..

As my thoughts are unfolding..

Wait, that’s not right..

Erase that..

I don’t write on paper..

I write in “text messages”

I write my content in text message then I send it to myself..

Before I forget..


If I don’t write them down in my posts..

My intuition will bug me..


Everywhere I go..

Oh, I was saying..

When I write..

As if..

I am on an auto pilot..

To transform thoughts into words..

In coaching..

I get feelings..

I feel emotions..

I get signs..

I hear noises..

A few seconds before my clients break down in tears..

A few seconds before they scream “Oh My God!”

A few seconds before they have spiritual awakenings..

At that moment..

I am them.

Our souls collide..

In a way that..

I am part of their whole BEING..

I get to be..

As if..

I get to be..

In their bodies FEELING what they may be feeling..

And experience their breakthroughs together..

With them..

I’d always know a few seconds before their reactions to my questions…

I’d see images as downloads from the Universe or God..

Divine interventions..

To guide me..

Every step of the way..

To UNLOCK clients’ subconscious minds…

To HEAL their wounds..

To help them ACCEPT their shadows..

I’d know their answers to my questions a few seconds before..

They verbally tell me..

In words..

Or in other forms of communication..

Like body languages..

I don’t ask questions-

To know their answers..

I ask questions for them to know their answers..

To document and acknowledge in their conscious mind..

What they think the answers are..

Because I already knew

On a soul level..

On a cellular level..

How to help them..

Is coaching easy peasy lemon squeezy?

To me..


Because I heal them..

With my soul

With my heart

With my unconditional love

With my professional experiences

With my relational experiences

In dating

In my marriage

With all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated since birth..

I urge you to..

Take my hand..

Let’s have fun transforming your love life..

Your love life with you..

It will be the most magical and powerful experience of your lifetime..

I promise..


~ Love you more ❤️

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