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When our mental health is low, it’s like putting a closed sign on your storefront. We tend to shut people out, or shy away from connecting with people – and this includes romantic connections.  But when we’re in a positive headspace, or in a chapter of our life we feel good about, we’re likely to pay more positivity forward. A good outlook and any positive changes in our lives tend to breed more success. And this extends to our love life too. It’s helpful for us to understand, and recognize, how our mental health has a keen effect on our ability to find a soulmate. Because if you’re feeling down, your love life is also likely to dip too.  We Close Out People: When we’re feeling low, we’re very likely to withdraw from people and romantic connections around us. This may start small; perhaps we forget to reply to messages, or fail to return a few missed calls. But over time, these subtle changes in our behavior can snowball and seriously affect our love life too.  When we withdraw from people around us, our friends, co-workers and any potential romantic partners will start to withdraw from us too. We might not notice it at first but before long, if we stop engaging with the people around us, they may stop engaging with us too. And when the invitations to social events or work parties trickle away – our opportunities to forge meaningful connections with women and find love could dwindle too. When we’re feeling low, it’s good to remind ourselves that relationships – platonic, romantic or sexual – are the best cure for low energy or loneliness. Human connection should never be overlooked, and it could hold the key to meeting your soulmate. We’re Closed In: If our mental health is suffering, and we’ve withdrawn from people, we’re more likely to spend time at home. This means we’ll probably be spending more time than usual in confined spaces, often alone.  When our energy is low, we may neglect exercise classes and healthy cooking – in favor of slouching on the coach and ordering in. But locking ourselves away is a recipe for disaster. Sleeping at odd hours, neglecting exercise, and failing to nourish your body with the right food can be a vicious, downward spiral for your lovelife. If you start to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, you’ll lose self worth and begin to feel unattractive to others too.  When we’re sedentary for too long, our endorphins flatline – and so will our search for our soulmate. Getting outside, changing up your scenery and joining group activity sessions are great ways to get you physically and mentally motivated to fall in love. Unless you’re prepared to spend hours swiping on dating apps, you won’t find your dream woman in the confines of your condo.  We Close Off:  Our mental health, and our mental scars, can inform how we interact with people – and whether we let them in or not. When we’re feeling blue, we tend to shut down emotionally, and we form a barrier around us as a protective measure.  When we get in a negative cycle, or our motivation for day to day life is low – this will be noticeable to people around us. Our mood will deteriorate, and how we speak to people or view the world will be impacted. We will start to speak negatively of ourselves, or the people around us and this won’t go unnoticed by potential romantic partners.  When we’re emotionally closed off, we’re romantically closed off too. If the light is off, no one will know that someone is home – and looking for love. When we close off, and stop actively looking for romantic connections, we will miss them altogether. If we question our worthiness for love, people in turn, will be forced to question our suitability for them as well. We Close The Road: When our mental health deteriorates to such an extent, we begin to create roadblocks in the path ahead of us. We deny ourselves opportunities to see our friends, have a healthy and balanced lifestyle, connect with people emotionally and progress forward in our careers or personal goals.  But we also deny ourselves the opportunities ahead of us for love. As soon as your lifestyle becomes stagnant, or sedentary, your romance will too. If you find ways to improve your mental health, you can start putting out messages that you’re open to business. And with that, your dream woman is more likely to walk over the threshold and into your life. ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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