Match of My Dreams


I am devastated!

I am devastated!

I am devastated!

Backtrack 4 years ago..

I received an email.

From the-

“Runaway husband support group”-

Since my ex..

Was a diagnosed narcissist..

In the midst of chaos..

Of the turmoil of my divorce..

I didn’t remember when I signed up…

To support others..


“Someone.. please help me.”

A lady wrote.

“I am devastated!”

She said.

“My husband ran away.”

Serendipity played a role

On how I met Sarah.

Sarah and I exchanged a few emails.

We met the next day..

At a local Starbucks..

I felt like a Wonder Woman to her rescue..

I’ve never met anyone online at that time..

She’s the first I met..

A complete stranger..

Living within 2 mile radius-

From where I lived..

Pleading for help..

For two days, she didn’t sleep.

Since he left..

To my surprise..

She’s extremely beautiful..

Trust me when I say this..

She’s extremely beautiful..

In her early 30s.

“Her husband must be blind..”

I said to myself..

I listened to her story of-

Being completely blindsided as to why he ran away..

Because to her knowledge..

All of a sudden, he said..

“This is not working out.”

Two days before he ran away..

And how she started weeping at Starbucks…



I handed her a tissue.

I listened..

And listened..




I must applaud..

Her courage..

That day..

To ask for help..

To seek support.

She believed..

Someone out there..

Would be able to help..

She believed..

Someone out there..

Would have gone through the same..


I was the proof of her manifestation..

Although she didn’t have all the answers she needed..

That day..

Her story unfolded over the past few years..

It turned out..

He’s a faculty..

At their children’s school..

And he met a woman..

Whose a parent of one of the children there…

And the rest is history..


Is now dating..

I saw a photo..

Last week..

Of her..

Attending a wedding..

She looked so beautiful..

Smiling from the inside out..

Her life changed completely..

Despite she had two young kids..

At the time..

Despite she had to move back to her moms house..

At the time.

The day-

At Starbucks..

After she shared her story-

And I shared mine..

She decided she would not tolerate..

A second from the man she’s sacrificed so much for..

To even be tempted by a woman who flirted with him at school..

A married woman..

That he threw their marriage out of the window..

She had a choice to make..

And she chose herself-

Her sanity..

And she chose-

Her children..

And started healing.

I am so glad she made that choice..

I am so glad she was so courageous..

No matter where you are in your romantic relationships..

My loves 💕

I am here for you..

What do you want to create?


~ Love you more ❤️


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