Match of My Dreams


“I am done!”

It’s a brand new year, trust me, I won’t ask you what your New Year’s resolutions are. We all know that 80% of the resolutions are not kept because people can’t stick to their goals. Set behaviors can’t be changed unless you are tuned in to different sets of positive beliefs! I want you to evaluate what you’ve learned about yourself from this past year from the perspective of love, dating, and relationships. If you have dated last year, what did you learn about yourself? What are the reasons why those relationships didn’t work out? Below are the 3 areas to evaluate on: Commitment level didn’t match: Were you ready when she wasn’t ready to be exclusive? Or was she ready when you weren’t? Dive in deeper if you were the one not ready. Why weren’t you ready? If you weren’t suitable, could you have detected this sooner? Lack of chemistry and passion: Okay, both of you looked good on paper but there’s zero chemistry when you met. How can we better screen women before investing too much time, energy, and money? Video chat or Zoom before the first date? No common core values: What questions should you have asked to determine if you were compatible in values? Religious, spiritual, political, and relational values (respect, core happiness, want children or not, career goals, life styles, physical fitness level/interests, etc.) are all important in assessing compatibility. Get to the bottom of how well you have learned from these experiences to better understand WHO you are looking for and WHAT traits (commitment, core values, physical attractiveness/passion, etc) you value in a long-term romantic partnership. Most importantly, you can firmly say “I am done!” once you spot incompatibility and truly be done! ~ Love you more ❤️ Kolline

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