Match of My Dreams


I am enough! I am worthy of love!

Here are the 6 tips that I shared in today’s FB live event on Love, Sex, Relationships hosted by Sparker, #meetsparker, a new phenomenal video dating app about to launch this month!

6 tips to help you transform your love life:

❤️ Identify and remove limiting beliefs you have about yourself, your relationships in dating, love, etc. and restore to your purest self. You are worthy of love. You are enough!!
Thoughts create reality. Have positive happy thoughts to change your reality.

❤️ Be the best version of yourself to be happy so you will become a magnet in manifesting and attracting your soul mate. Give the love you seek to yourself so you can manifest & attract your soul mate.

❤️ Understand what women are looking for in a relationship, so you can improve in areas in which you are weak.

❤️ Define your soul mate list: identify the physical attributes, values, qualities, etc. You can’t attract if you don’t know who you are looking for.

❤️ Know the red flags in the early stage of dating and customize your own “deal breakers” so you are empowered to stay self aligned on what you are looking for in a woman

❤️ Envision your future: manifest and attract your soulmate utilizing visualization exercise to produce a mental image of the future you envision. Explore the feelings and emotions as if you are in your future. Then take actions today to get to your future self with your soul mate.

Thank you for this incredible event to bring the whole #LOVE community together. We will support one and another, build a better network to help both men and women to find love.
Stay tuned for a YouTube video on this event.

~ I love you all! ❤️

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