Match of My Dreams


“I am falling…”

I am…

I am falling….

“I am falling in love with you……….”

I felt his heart when I heard him say these words to me.

Oh no!

I wish he didn’t tell me.

Because there is no turning back after I heard it.

Isn’t it too fast?

At the end of our second date-

I received a bouquet of beautiful flowers!

What did I do to deserve these words?

What did I do?

But no-

I was just….

I was just being ME!

How do I take care of his overflowing feelings toward me?

How do I take care of the responsibility of guarding his heart??

To not be hurt by “me”?

Is it my responsibility?

What more can I ask?

He is super intelligent.

He is maturely masculine.

He sends me “Good morning, my Queen!” texts every morning.

He is financially secure.

He is much older than me.

Okay, no one is perfect.

“How do you feel, Kolline?”

“What is it, Kolline?”

Remember your superpower-

Use it.

I am great at dissecting romantic relationships.

What is missing?

Ok, What have been the red flags?

Hmm… he’s said the following:

“I want you to be PERFECT for ME.”

“Men will always see you as a prize!”


“I am falling in love with you!”

Thoughts create words.

Mindsets create thoughts.


~ Love you more ❤️


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