Match of My Dreams


I am happy, but..

I am happy, but..

I am happy, but..

I got a text the other day..

From someone I used to date..

Someone who works in the medical field..

Someone who looks like..

A mixture of Elvis Presley..


Nicolas Cage..

That’s right..


I haven’t heard from him for two years..

I thought to myself..

“What could he possibly want..”

“From me?”


I didn’t respond at his first attempt..

Actually, it was the third attempt..

Of his reaching out..

Perhaps, I felt bad..


Perhaps, I was curious on how he’s doing..

After we parted ways..

Just like the song-

It’s all coming back to me now..


His third attempt..

Started with-

“Happy 4th of July!”

I couldn’t resist anymore..

As I thanked him..

He continued with..

“I figured we may both be in relationships by now.”

So he hypothesized..

Or did he really want to know?

So it seemed.

He’s fishing for..

My relationship status 😉

Just when..

I was contemplating on how to respond..

Before I proceeded..

He confessed with..

“I am happy in my relationship right now.. but…”

What? 🤷‍♀️

How could there be a “BUT?”


“I am happy..”

I puzzled..

I was waiting for him to finish his sentence to show his true intent..

So he continued with-


“I can’t stop thinking of you!”

Oh my!

Wait, what?

I wasn’t sure if I should credit myself for being so magnetic that..

I am somehow responsible for his lack of “true” happiness..

In his relationship..

Or should I feel ashamed or bad that..

I was responsible for how he felt toward his relationship..

That it’s still “missing” something..

Perhaps.. ME?!

Or that I should feel bad for


What a dilemma!

I snapped myself out of it..

Right when he asked..

“Can I see you from time to time?”

I was thinking..

“What did that even mean?!”

I set the record straight..

“Josh, I am happy for you.”

“But I can’t see you especially since you are in a relationship already.”

I felt like I was talking to a toddler..

Who wanted a lollipop..

He then asked..

“May I have a recent picture of you?”

“No, Josh. For what?“

I then urged him..

“You should stay loyal & faithful to your girlfriend!”

Because my loves 💕

His dilemma isn’t my responsibility..

I set my boundaries.

Right there and then..

It’s part of self respect..

We ultimately need to show others how to respect us..

And don’t take on additional responsibility of others..

Or their story..

Because there should be no “But” after “I am happy.”

He would never feel the relationship is enough if he isn’t enough for himself.

It reminded me why I stopped dating him years ago.

Reach out, if you want to be magnetic in love!

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