Match of My Dreams


“I am leaving you.”

I am leaving you.

I am leaving you.


A month ago….

My friend, Charlie, was in shock when his wife said to him.

“I am leaving you!”

He was thinking, “Now?”

He can’t say he didn’t see this coming.

As soon as she communicated her intent to divorce..

She left the house with her stuff already packed in the car.

Charlie then put the house on the market to liquidate for the divorce.

In two weeks, the house was sold.

In the midst of him being so busy at work, clearing the stuff at the house & moving out…

He received a formal email of appreciation from his soon to be ex wife..

He forwarded her email to me.


It’s such a beautiful sad love story.

I asked, “Did you reply?”

He said he replied with a “Thank you!”

I sensed a little resentment from him towards the divorce.


I felt the need to help in ensuring a healthy closure was done to support their healing process.

I said to him, “What brings you real closure is if you can be vulnerable as well, to list the things that you appreciated about her.”

I continued, “She can’t be 100% at fault that this marriage didn’t work out.”

I am so glad that he took my advice to heart.

Below is what a healthy closure looks like:

Connie wrote:

“Thank you for pampering me so much, I felt your love for me.”

“Thank you for being a great provider, I appreciate you so much.”

“Thank you for always helping me with house chores.”

“Thank you for always letting me choose which channel or movie to watch.”

“Thank you for making me delicious teas.”

Charlie replied with:

“Thank you for helping me see on the days I did not see so well with my eyes.”

“Thank you for giving me space when I needed to travel for work.”

“Thank you for taking me on island tours last time when we were in Asia.”

“Thank you for all of the laughs and silly stuff we did from time to time.”

“Thank you for taking care of me when I had my hip surgeries.”

A healthy beautiful closure is possible to acknowledge the love they’ve shared as they part their ways to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Wishing them both the best of luck!


~ Love you more ❤️


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