Match of My Dreams


I am living proof that love coaching works.

I was in a 14-year-long narcissistic relationship where I completely lost my self identity, self respect and self love. I transformed myself with the help of my love coach and created the following “3 Steps to Find Lasting Love Method”. This is my personalized coaching plan for all the men out there to achieve their goal of finding their soulmate.

Step 1: “Discover What is Holding You Back SO You Can Build The Foundation for Lasting Love”~ This first step is the key to lasting love. We dig deep to understand your past and the obstacles that are holding you back so that we can clear the path to start attracting the right woman, and have the right woman be committed to you. You will have a deep understanding about yourself, which will guide your life in the future and free you to find the love of your life.

Step Two: “Be Relationship Ready”~ This step is all about what is happening “right now” in your dating life- your fears and frustrations, the methods you use, your values etc. At the end of this step you will emerge confident and clear about what your needs and wants are. You will know how to have a relationship and understand what high value women are looking for in order to help you attract the right woman, and have the right woman be committed to you.

Step Three: “Manifest Your Future and Take ACTION!”~ This step brings you even closer to your soulmate and finding love. You will know exactly who she is – her values, what she looks like, her interests, and her dreams.
Armed with that information, you will learn how to manifest this person and picture what your life would be together.

~ Love you more ❤️

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