Match of My Dreams


“I am not…..”

What is my mission in life?

My mission in life is to create a compound effect to spread more love into the world.

Honestly, this is my soul’s purpose and my goal is to be known as the BEST love coach for men in USA, then globally!

What’s in my vision?

My vision is to run annual singles, couples, meditations, healing retreats, and coordinate with all the coaches I work with that share the same vision.

I am extremely committed to my personal growth, professional work, and the men I am working with to find their soulmates.

But, for those men who approached me for the wrong reasons…..

Please hear me out.

I will “not” tolerate if you approach me as if I am a sex object.

I will “not” tolerate if you ask if you can be my sugar daddy.

I will “not” tolerate if you disrespect me during consultation call by sharing your sexual fantasies with me in them.

I will “not” tolerate if you send me your nude pictures.

I am here to conquer the world to make it a better place for our future generations.

For the rest of you who support my mission-

I love you all.

I am grateful for our connections that allow me to share my most vulnerable personal stories of how I have healed and transformed myself to be a better coach.

What are you “not”?

~ Love you more ❤️


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