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“I bet you not!”

Due to Covid, you may be relying on online dating sites as a source to look for your future soul mate.

No one wants to waste precious time on the selection/elimination process. Covid or not, the following guidelines should help you get through the process much faster!

“Two Two Two Twos” or “4 Twos” are defined as follow:

1) Two Times For Messaging
2) Two Times For Calls
3) Two Times For Zooms
4) Two Times For In Person Meetings (with masks on, based on your comfort level, or keep 6 feet apart shall you wish)

Please keep in mind that in the initial phase of online messaging, keep the texts short and get to the point. You may ask some important questions to determine the compatibility of core similar values/goals in the process, if it’s not already in their dating profiles.

In addition, remember to tune into your “abundant mindset”- if she doesn’t want to move forward to the next step, you should consider your own timeline. Don’t dwell on someone who isn’t on the same page as you. Trust me, so many men have wasted so much time on someone online, then when they finally meet, there is no physical chemistry.

Lastly, you should not be talking to just one person at a time. Think of it as an opportunity to forge new friendship with various females, as friendship should be the basis of a strong romantic relationship.

Online dating is a fun opportunity to learn about yourself. Keep your options open.

When you shop for your dream car or dream house, do you buy the first car you see at the first car dealer?


~ Love you more ❤️


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