Match of My Dreams


“I cheated.”

I cheated.

I cheated.

Tom, one of my clients, in his mid 50s is having a hard time grieving the death of his late wife.

It’s his wife’s anniversary this month.

He went from happily online dating to feeling depressed recently.

He came to me two months ago with the goal of finding new love.

I knew something’s buried inside that we needed to uncover.

“Let’s do an exercise, Tom!” I said to prepare him.

Close your eyes.

Imagine your late wife is sitting in front of you.

What do you want to say to her?

“I was not a good husband. I am sorry that I cheated on you. I am sorry that I felt lost when baby Mary was born. I felt suffocated. So I seek comfort outside of our marriage. I emotionally cheated on you. But I ended it. I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me.”

He cried as he shared.

I cried as I heard.

He was a devoted husband after that emotional affair in his 30 year marriage.

But he never admitted to his wife when she was alive.

This became something he couldn’t make peace of after her passing.

This became something that blocks him from finding new love.

We ought to accept who we are.

Our mistakes.

Our humanness.

Our imperfections.

We ought to forgive ourselves & love ourselves unconditionally.

And internally before we can manifest-

More love and abundance externally.

The key is to first….

Release the guilt.

Release the shame.

Release the regret.

Release the fear.

To unlock the love within you.

So you can flow.


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