Match of My Dreams


I didn’t want a divorce!

I didn’t want a divorce!

I didn’t want a divorce!

I simply never “planned” I would be divorced.

I am sure..

No one planned for divorce to happen..

Especially when children were involved..

I thought as I walked down the aisle-

Many, many years ago-


“Till death do us part!”

I’ve made many “sacrifices” in my marriage..


I was raised traditionally..

In believing that~

“Love is sacrifice!”


I was under the assumption that..


I thought-

He was my destiny.

He was the love of my life.

He was my soulmate.

And that-

We would grow old together.

Until we didn’t!


No matter if it’s your marriage or last relationship..

Ask yourself-

What was the biggest lesson that you learned?

About yourself..

In that particular relationship??

You see..

We ought to take accountability of our own healing and learning..

And for whatever the reason that..

We put our loved ones through our breakups..


If we put our children through a “divorce”..

That impacted their lives forever.

We ought to have learned something..

Otherwise, we would put my children at risk again in the years to come..

In our next relationship..

To go inward~

Is the only way to break the relational pattern..

You see, my loves 💕

Life is not about shoveling the hard truths under the rug..

Life is about..

Standing in front of the mirror..

And being accountable of the lessons that the Universe/God meant for us to learn..

In this relationship.

In this connection.

In this situation.

The truth for me was..

And the questions I asked myself at the time were..

With full transparency..

How did I attract a narcissist?

What part(s) of me or traits that I possess contributed to that result?

When we can ask ourselves..

The hard questions..

We can help ourselves to heal the part(s) of us to “wholeness”..

To restore the true essence of who we are..

To accept who we created to be..

To forgive ourselves..

To break the relational pattern..

And most important..

To have a positive mindset to embrace our future relationships..


Let me ask you..

When was the last time you give your relationship a check up?

~ Love you more ❤️


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