Match of My Dreams


I didn’t want to die!

I didn’t want to die!

I didn’t want to die!

We all know who George Clooney is, right?

Who wouldn’t want to date a George Clooney look alike, except..

With deep blue eyes.

Backtrack two years ago..

When I was dating..

Sure, let’s call him, George..

For the first few dates, I met him at the restaurants..

On our fifth date, he asked if he could pick me up..

“Like a gentleman!” he said.

Quite convincing!

I thought.

Boy did I know what was about to happen..

He drove a Tesla.

The first 5 minutes after I sat in my DREAM car…

I thought to myself..

“Well, now I know how it FEELS like sitting in a Tesla.”

It was a beautiful dark gray color..

Made my heart sing…

I was so mesmerized of it –

Its fancy huge dashboard panel with..

The giant navigation screen..


He started to drive like a maniac…

“We are EARLY for our reservations!”

I claimed..

To hint him to slow down..

He didn’t.

I started to feel very anxious…

He looked scary.

Even with his dark blue eyes and beautiful salt and pepper George Clooney hair!!

He started getting more impatient on the road..

I turned to look at him..

He looked like someone who was on an auto pilot angry…

As if-

Whatever I said he didn’t hear me..

He’s in his own angry little world fighting with other drivers..

Common symptoms of road rage include:




*Purposely cutting off other cars

You must also know the psychological factors of road rage.

It is said that…

“The change in our mood is allowing angry thoughts to occupy our minds, in which it infiltrates into the very thing we are doing at that moment even if that thing, such as driving, has nothing to do with the reason for our anger.”

His behaviors triggered my PTSD at the time..

I asked myself..

“Would I ever trust him with my kids in his car?”

Not a chance!!

Let’s peel another layer..

Do we want to be with someone who has underlying anger issues?

Who is incapable to control themselves and their emotions?

While endangering the lives of everyone around..

Do you have road rage?

DM me to uncover and release the underlying anger and rage in your subconscious mind..

~ Love you more ❤️


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