Match of My Dreams


I don’t trust my wife!

I don’t trust my wife!

I don’t trust my wife!

I recently bumped into an old colleague.

It triggered a memory I had with him.

It happened 14 years ago.

When he was an executive level working in the Finance department.

That day..

Our meeting got postponed for some reasons.

He abruptly said as I went to his office that..

He had to leave.

“We need to reschedule the meeting, please!”

That shocked me.

He hardly missed any meetings prior.

I felt it had to do with his personal life.

As I went to his office the following day..

He sat me down and said..

“Can we talk?”

I sensed he wanted to share what happened the day before as he went ahead and closed his office door.

Oh.. he didn’t want anyone else to hear this..

I thought to myself..

“Kolline, I have no one to tell to. But I don’t trust my wife!”

I was shocked he chose me to confide in.

I was very concerned.

“What happened?” I asked.

“She has drinking problems and my kids are still so young.”

“My daughter almost drowned two weeks ago!”

He continued.

He was torn between his marriage with his wife he can no longer trust to take care of their children.

She was a housewife.

But she had issues she couldn’t cope with so instead she turned to alcohol.

Their daughter almost fell into their pool as she wasn’t watching and was drunk.

Fast forward 14 years later..

When I bumped into him.

The other day..

He’d divorced his ex wife.

Found new love..

Kids are now grown..

He’s so happy that I am now helping men in love.

“I wish I had someone like you at the time to advise me,” he smiled.

I was so happy to see him as I got to hear about the happy ending.

His children are grown and happy.

He raised them all on his own.

He had to choose between his children’s safety vs. his ex wife.

Remember, enough is enough.

Letting go of a marriage may be a tough decision.

But it takes much more courage to accept and admit that the marriage is no longer a healthy one.

Lastly, he gave himself the permission to love again.

If he can..

So can you!


~ Love you more ❤️


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